Nuestro Campus

What is the Creative Campus?

How does it work?

The educational model of the Creative Campus is divided into the integration of creative disciplines through a common teaching core and differentiated subjects according to the specific career:

  • Architecture: Environment and Sustainability / City and Architecture / Structures / Introduction to Building.
  • Visual Arts: Color Interaction / Seminar / Art History / Materials and Technology.
  • Graphic Design: Color / Typography / History of Design.
  • Digital Game Design: Programming / Video Game Porting and Publishing / Use of Engine.
  • Clothing and Textile Design: History of Clothing Design / Fashion Illustration / Pattern Making.
  • Journalism: Journalistic Writing / Narrative Techniques / Editorial Editing.
  • Advertising: Creativity in Advertising / Marketing / Media Planning and Strategy.

Some examples of elective courses to incorporate tools and transversal education:

Seminar on Vanguards, Materials and Techniques, Semiology of the Image, Digital Photography, Packaging, Digital Typography Design, Interactivity, Product Photography, Journalism and Photography for Fashion Coolhunting, Media Planning and Digital Strategies, Social Networks, R+D+i in Digital Entertainment.

Why choose the Creative Campus?

  • Accredited for the fourth consecutive time by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA), the last time for a period of 5 years (period 2017 – 2022).
  • An educational model that promotes cross-curricula with other related careers.
  • A co-creation environment, with the participation of professionals from different areas.
  • An infrastructure with all the necessary elements to develop and promote the learning experience.
  • Focus on authorship, self-management, and entrepreneurship.
  • Use of productive and digital tools.
  • Preparedness to identify opportunities to meet market demands.
  • Visualization of new opportunities thanks to a wide network of international alliances and collaborative campus projects.
  • Extensive international connections with exclusive exchange networks.
  • Institution internationally reaccredited for a maximum period of 8 years (2020-2028) by the prestigious U.S. Middle State Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), ratifying our commitment to continuous improvement and the strength of our institutional educational project.