Gigantic Wooden Megaphones Amplify Forest Sounds

There is nothing quite like the sound of the soothing hustle & bustle that occurs within Earth's wooded regions. Forests serve as home to such a crass diversity of life that, when carrying out their lives in unison, somehow produce an indescribable, organic symphony.

Estonian student Birgit Õigus devised a way to take this natural form of therapy to the next level – by amplifying it. At Estonia’s beautiful Pähni Nature Centre, Õigus and her team constructed three-meter diameter, wooden megaphones to serve as a bandstand for the woods, amplifying the soothing sounds of the landscape.

Visitors to the site often like to climb inside the megaphones to relax, read and “communicate” with nature. Despite Birgit’s intention for it to be a calm place, the area is often busy with bystanders waiting for their chance to listen to the forest’s song.