March 26-30: Dr. Tomás Errázuriz gave a lecture at the 13th International Congress of the SIEF Association in Göttingen, Germany. This year’s event was dedicated to the theme: “Forms of Inhabiting: Crisis – Craft – Creativity.” The presentation was an advance of research in progress and was entitled: “When new is not better. The making of home through holding on to objects”.

April 15: Dr. Paulina Varas gave a lecture at the IFA/ISLAA Symposium “Beyond the Symbolic: Art and Social Engagement in the Americas” at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University. Her lecture problematically addressed the notions of Escena de Avanzada and the Colectivo Acciones de Arte.

April 26: Dr. Paulina Varas gave a lecture as Visiting Scholar at the seminar “Precarious Infrastructures” organized by Dr. Signe Meissner and the museology research program as part of her postdoctoral research at the School of Communication and Culture of Aarhus University, Denmark.

July 05: Marcelo Vizcaíno was a guest lecturer at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, in the framework of the activities programmed in the FONDECYT Nº 406477, currently under development.

July 29: Marcelo Vizcaíno was invited as a lecturer and thesis project evaluator at the Doctorate of Architecture and Urbanism program of the School of Architecture, Construction and Design of the Universidad del Bío-Bío, Concepción.

September 19: Dr. Paulina Varas will give a lecture at the School of Arts and Design, University of Southern California, on her research process for the “Talking to action”. project.

September 26: Dr. Paulina Varas will participate in the IX International Congress of Theory and History of Art, of the Argentine Center of Art Researchers, in Buenos Aires.


December: Marcelo Vizcaíno is a lecturer at the International Seminar CINEMAS Y TEATROS DEL SIGLO XX – Patrimonio destruido, Patrimonio restaurado, organized by the School of Architecture of the Universidad de Concepción.

November: Dr. Paulina Varas participates in the VII Encuentro de Historia del Arte “Práctica, estudio y crítica de la historia del arte latinoamericano, pasado y presente” of the School of Arts of the Universidad de Chile.

October: Tomás Errázuriz was part of the organizing committee of the 14th International Congress of the T2M Society, entitled: “Spaces of Flows and Friction”, held at the Quinta Colorada of Chapultepec Park in Mexico City.

October: Tomás Errázuriz participates with a paper at the Pre-ALAS Congress of the National Sociology Association. This presentation presents the first results of the Fondecyt project on the organization of space in agroindustrial territories, co-authored with Alejandra Rasse and Claudia Concha.

September: Dr. Paulina Varas participates in the international seminar “Imágenes políticas. Sujetos, territorios y relatos” of the Institute of Communication and Image of the Universidad de Chile.

August: Dr. Paulina Varas presents at the International Colloquium “Capitalismo, Crisis y Subjetividad” organized by the School of Philosophy of the Universidad de Valparaíso.

August: Dr. Paulina Varas is a guest professor at the School of Art of the Universidad Católica de Temuco. She conducted the seminar “Arte, Política y Comunidad (1ª parte)” with students and professors of visual arts and the interested public.

June: Dr. Paulina Varas presented and participated in the LAIC meeting “Arts and Inclusive Cities” in the round table “Arts & Cultural Policies for Inclusive Cities: From Theory to Practice” organized by the Commission for International Cooperation and Development of the European Economic Community, held at the BOZAR Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels.