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The Creative Campus Advertising program provides students with the skills to develop a creative and strategic vision that allows them to understand their role in the industry and how, from creativity, they can contribute with a social and sustainable sense to the development and economic growth of the country.

Carol Frost
Carol Frost
Advertising Director
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  • The Advertising program at Universidad Andrés Bello is oriented to creative-strategic work, where students learn to diagnose the needs of different audiences and socio-cultural dynamics to design advertising, creative, and business proposals, with an ethical approach, through innovative and efficient solutions that generate value in organizations and companies.
  • The interdisciplinary work environment of the Creative Campus also allows advertising students to develop a holistic and innovative vision by sharing multiple instances with teachers and students from different careers. This unique experience gives UNAB Advertising students a differentiating seal.
  • We train creative and strategic advertising professionals to develop proposals that generate value in organizations.
  • During the program, you will work with real organizations in your courses with the support of the professors.
  • You can integrate with other creative disciplines within the virtuous ecosystem facilitated by the Creative Campus through integration experiences.
  • You will learn to develop advertising and business solutions and connect audiences and organizations through multiple platforms and media.
  • The experience of internationalization is possible through language courses, intensive programs, and exchanges in prestigious institutions worldwide.
  • Professionals capable of integrating the strategic and creative areas of the advertising industry to develop campaigns that consistently communicate a value offer to new consumers.
  • With the necessary competencies to innovatively and strategically face the multiple scenarios and challenges faced by brands, products, and services, creating differentiating and high-impact experiences for new consumers.
  • Capable of projecting market needs, capturing trends, and developing strategies and campaigns that generate value over time.
  • Bilingual and able to understand and communicate in English at the b2 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Graduates of the Advertising program at Universidad Andrés Bello will be able to work in advertising agencies, media agencies, digital marketing, audiovisual and event production companies, and media, as well as in research and communication consultancies, and marketing and communication services for public and private organizations and foundations. They are also capable of working independently in the field of consulting and venture creation.

Graduates of the Advertising program at Universidad Andrés Bello are creative-strategic professionals capable of diagnosing the needs of different audiences and socio-cultural dynamics, designing advertising projects, with an ethical approach, through efficient solutions that generate value in organizations. They use creative disciplines as a tool to manage knowledge at a local and global level, developing proposals and projects from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Our Advertising Communication graduates demonstrate their skills in their chosen areas, selecting the technologies, tools, and information necessary for creating communication, advertising, and business strategies.

The curriculum of the Advertising program at Universidad Andrés Bello organizes its Learning Outcomes in the following Action Areas:

I. Field of Action: Interdisciplinary Culture Projects

  • RdA 1.- Integrate and synthesize the main phenomena, discussions, conflicts, and changes that determine today’s contemporary cultural reflection in different fields of knowledge.
  • RdA2.- Use management tools to evaluate the generation of sustainable, innovative proposals in developing projects and enterprises.
  • RdA 3.- Create procedures and products through conceptual and technical resources to work in and integrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.
  • RdA 4.- Design projects based on interdisciplinary issues that contribute to responding to complex phenomena in specific contexts.

II. Scope of action: Audiences, Markets, and Business

  • RdA 1. Detect key variables related to the behavior and needs of audiences and markets associated with socio-cultural dynamics to identify opportunities for connection between communities and organizations.
  • RdA 2. Diagnose communication, advertising, and business problems, based on the analysis, interpretation, and discrimination of qualitative and quantitative information to generate organizational development.

III. Scope of action: Creative Advertising Strategy

  • RdA 1. – Develop creative and innovative solutions, with an ethical approach, through the efficient management of resources, media, and technologies to generate value in organizations.
  • RdA 2.- Develop diverse advertising and branding proposals by selecting the communication media that generate the greatest engagement and impact.

IV. Scope of action: General Education and English

  • RdA 1: Develop critical thinking through argumentation, using oral and written language appropriate to the academic and professional environment, and using a method based on criteria, facts, and evidence.
  • RdA 2: Relate academic training to the local environment from the principle of social responsibility, considering the ethical dimension of daily practices and everyday speech in professional practice.
  • RdA 3: Develop research projects with their respective ethical considerations, according to quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches recognized by their disciplinary area, effectively utilizing information technologies.
  • RdA 4: Develop communication skills in English to function in daily, work, and academic contexts.

Learn more about the Advertising program of the School of Advertising of the School of Architecture, Arts, Design, and Communications.

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