Undergraduate Careers

Universidad Andrés Bello's Creative Campus is a university experience that integrates creative careers through a related common base, linking different knowledge cores in an environment of experimentation, creation, and innovation.


Our objective is to train architects who operate critically and rigorously in design processes in different disciplinary fields and professional environments based on research, theory, and practice. View Career

Visual Arts

We train artists for a changing world who understand the current importance of creativity. View Career

Graphic Design

We are committed to contributing to society by training passionate professionals with a critical spirit and capable of providing solutions that contribute to their environment in a creative and binding way. View Career

Digital Game Design

Our program considers video games as a fully evolving medium, prioritizing the authorial vision of each student. View Career

Clothing and Textile Design

Design for creating garments, researching new materials, and exploring new production systems for the modern world. View Career


The world changes, the media changes, and how we interpret, tell, and analyze the news is also changing. The only thing that has not changed is the importance of training new journalists to keep society truthfully informed. View Career


An educational project open to experimentation, identifying new trends, and generating original creative proposals: Advertising at the Creative Campus. View Career