Casa Uno Gallery

Galería Casa Uno at the UNAB Creative Campus is a multidisciplinary exhibition space open to all crossroads of visual expression.

Exhibitions 2019

Scene 18

Exhibition of the undergraduate workshops of the School of Visual Arts Creative Campus 2018.

Scene 18

Neti Neti - Virginia Echeverria

Chilean artist Virginia Echeverría’s favorite tools are scissors, a cardboard knife, and glue, with which she has created the works that identify her: collages. These collages are the protagonists of “Neti-Neti.” This is the name of the installation that contemplates the exhibition of pieces made between 2004 and 2019, fifteen years of work.

Virginia Echeverría decided to focus on collage because, as she describes, she finds screen printing, engraving, or painting techniques “slow and stiff.” In addition, it is related to the lack of funding for art and the use of what is at hand, in this case, engraving plates, magazines, color samples, paper, etc.

Neti Neti

Jardín Secreto

Jardin Secreto is a collective exhibition that unites the worlds of fashion and illustration, curated by the renowned fashion designer and illustrator Mr. William.

Jardín Secreto included the participation of six other Chilean artists: Christian Orrillo, Manuela Montero (UNAB Creative Campus professor), Melina Rapiman, Camila Cerda, Jorge González, and Paula Blanche.

This exhibition aims to reflect on the relationship between these two worlds, showing the importance of symbolism in art, and highlighting the figure of the garden beyond.

Jardin Secreto

Existir o Morar

Existir o morar is an exhibition that seeks to trigger the feeling of belonging for both the artist and the viewer and create a space for reflection and interaction where the main element is the feedback between the artist, the work, and the viewer and seeing how they are connected and separate at the same time.

Existir o morar

Pequeño Zine Ilustrado

PEQUEÑO ZINE ILUSTRADO is a publishing project born in the winter of 2012 based on a type of fanzine generated from a single sheet of letter-size paper.
The idea of the project was that each issue of the fanzine would correspond to a letter of the alphabet with contributions from people who had that letter either as an initial of their first name, last name, or their online handle. That year, A and B were published, and 2018 saw the end of the traditional alphabet, excluding the letter Ñ, since there are no names or surnames beginning with that letter.

In late 2018 it was decided to make a special issue with that letter, which would only have female collaborations and would try to address the feminine and Latin of the Ñ in niñas, which means girls in Spanish.


Festival Libro de Artista

In this exhibition, we wanted to celebrate this spirit and propose a collection of books that offer multiple and diverse modes of interaction. Some of them contain proposals to be developed beyond their own limits. In contrast, others include a navigational chart for a non-linear route, and others implicitly invite you to manipulate their pages.

Festival libro de artista

Ecuador Postel Bienal

This exhibition showcases some of the works of the artists and designers who were selected in the 2018 edition of Ecuador Poster Biennial®, out of 10,044 works sent from 80 countries around the world. Did you know that 70% of graphic design students are women? However, only 11% are employed in creative management positions.
In the field of graphic design and visual arts, in Ecuador, Chile, and all over the world, many talented women deserve to show their work, receive the same salary, and perform in the position of their choice.

The Ecuador Poster Bienal® committee stands with women to continue fighting for gender equality.

Ecuador poster bienal

Archivum Delicatum

Archivum Delicatum is an exhibition prepared by researcher and academic Paulina Varas, developed after the publication of her book “Luz Donoso. Art and action in the present”.

Archivum delicatum